July 22nd, 2023 
Fund Homecare Cookout and Picnic in Brampton (Malabar FoodFest)

Fund Homecare Canada is extremely excited to present our first fundraising event towards a great cause. Fund Homecare Canada provides funding for families needing homecare based services for Palliative Cancer patients in Ontario.

Please join us for an afternoon of games, music and great food. 


The Fund Homecare Canada team

Featured Chefs

Rabiya is the owner of Rabi’s Group, a service-based business group with retail and wholesale opportunities. Currently, Rabiya runs Rabi’s Grand Kitchen (RGK) and Perfect Practice Tutoring Centre.

RGK’s products are healthy, nutritional, and tasty freezable food products which can be supplied to needy sectors throughout the year. RGK offers meal services that includes a wide variety of healthy authentic and fusion dishes such as Chicken Capsicum Roast, Bread Upma, Beef Pot Roast, Flax Seed Dosa with Chicken Capsicum Stir Fry, Chicken Samosas & Date Chutney, Fried Quinoa & Kale Juice and a number of other sweets and drinks.

Rabi’s Group also offers cooking classes for those who are interested to learn the art and science of cooking.

For Chef Rabi, food is culture, and learning about the history of specific dishes, the stories behind the ingredients, and traditions related to Indian dining and celebrating can be as important as the cooking and the eating itself.

Based out of Haldimand County, an agricultural community, Chef Rabi maintains that local food makes her recipes taste better, and she wants to share with her guests her knowledge and understanding of Haldimand’s unique ingredients and how they can be combined with the art of cooking Indian food. Ultimately, she believes, prioritizing local ingredients can help people reconnect with their food and the land on which it is grown, which overall elevates the experience of both cooking and eating. 

At the Malabar FoodFest23 event, Rabiya will be making her Kappa Toss dish and Chicken Biryani, something to certainly keep in mind when you visit the event.



Little South Bistro is a Malayali owned restaurant based in Mississauga offering Kerala & Indian cuisine. Little South is a haven to dig into some of the most-loved Indian dishes around the globe plus some innovative blend cuisines. Some of our dishes include Eggplant Coconut Curry, Nasi Goreng Seafood Fried Rice, Mushroom Pepper Roast, Pillai’s Fish Nirvana, Goan Prawn Balchao, Kerala Kozhi Curry (Chicken Curry), Spinach Sprout Chaat.Jinesh will be cooking his famous Fish Fry with Coconut Rice at the event.…something to truly look forward to…

A Toronto Master Chef Challenge 2023 contestant, Usha loves to go as a “Passionate Caterer” who has immense passion for catering to parties and is the reason for her happiness and cheerfulness. 

Usha is a vegetarian caterer and provides all cuisines. Her mission is to serve people with the kind of food and sweets that stir nostalgia in them and brings back memories of food back in India. 

After paying for raw material, whatever Usha makes from catering goes to a meaningful charity.
At the event, Usha will cooking her Kerala Payasam.

Vimal Joseph, hails from Quilon district of Kerala. Been cooking since he was a teenager and does it with passion and love. Vimal’s mantra: Cooking is an art, if you have the passion and love, the food will always be tasty!

For the Malabar Foodfest event, Vimal will be serving his amazingly tasty Chicken Curry and Parotha combo dish.

Be the light in their darkest hour.

With your help, we can ensure that financial concerns don’t become one more burden for palliative cancer patients or their loved ones. Donate today to help make palliative homecare a reality for a cancer patient in need. Give them the priceless gift of dignity, comfort, and peace of mind.

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