Our Finances

Fund Homecare Canada is a volunteer driven organization with no administrative overheads and little operating expenses. This model allows us to maximize funds raised to be used for our goals – Helping In-home Palliative Cancer patients in Ontario get support and services they need in their time of need.

Fund Homecare Canada raises funds through Corporate Sponsorships, Individual donations and via events. Our fund-raising programs are carefully planned for generating funds, raising awareness and growing our network base. All net proceeds from our fund-raising activities after operating expenses, are directly used towards providing services for our beneficiaries.

In 2022, over 90% of generated funds went towards helping our beneficiaries.

Since our setup in 2021, Fund Homecare Canada has supported 11 beneficiaries (as of Dec 2023).

Financial Statements

Fund Homecare Canada has a commitment and goal of
being fully transparent. Keeping that in mind, we make
our financial statements, costs and how funds raised are
used, totally transparent. Please find our financial
statements here (link to CRA site with our T3010)

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